Partyrobics® is an experience.

The feelings of passion, joy, fun, freedom and relaxation that are associated with ‘going out’ and ‘party nights’ also appear in the fitness studio.


Freedom, laughter and a comfortable feeling stimulate everybody to move on the dance floor in a club, and also in the Partyrobics® classes in the fitness studio.

The goal of Partyrobics® is to transfer this special affection and extraordinary experience to the exercise and sports classes in a healthy attitude and a whole new lifestyle.



Partyrobics® is a powerful dance-fitness program that combines clubbing, dancing and aerobics.

Partyrobics ® is for all women who want to be fit, like to dance, seek a way to express themselves, want to release daily stress and boost their self-confidence.






 What are the characteristics of the Partyrobics® program?

Clubbing atmosphere (party lights and dark interior) with lively and energetic music hits.

You can start and follow Partyrobics® at any age.

Partyrobics® choreographies are easy but diverse (inspired by all existing dance styles). You can dance them your own way.

While you are having fun, you burn 600 calories, train all muscle groups and improve your dancing skills.

It’s an intense workout for your body, but a relaxing experience for your mind.

Partyrobics® follows the principles of the Integration through Separation Method®, the Flow Concept® and the Individual Approach of Teaching® and is especially designed to provide you a complete, joyful training session that improves your physique, gives you a boost of positive energy, but also empowers your confidence.





The Partyrobics website

Partyrobics® Parijsstraat 44, B-3000 Leuven

Tel: 0032 (0)16 22 37 27   Gsm: 0491 502 205


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